Nature's Magic
Butterfly Releases


How many butterflies should be ordered?

Any number of butterflies will add memorable moments to your celebration. The amount of butterflies necessary depends on how they will be released. Butterflies can be released individually by each person, or by one individual from a mass release box. Call us in advance to verify that butterflies will be available!

What species are best for a release?

Nature’s Magic has permits for shipment of insects from the USDA and follows all USDA guidelines. We raise Monarch, Fritillaries, Swallowtails, Painted Ladies and Red Admirals. Since the Monarch naturally overwinters as an adult, we find these are the best for releases and shipment.

How are butterflies shipped?

The butterflies are fed and exercised before shipping. The butterflies will be placed in small triangular boxes or glassine envelopes, secured in a cushioned box with an ice pack, then shipped overnight express the day before your celebration. Deliveries arrive by 10:30am except for in rural locations. Sunday and Monday deliveries are not available, and an extra charge applies for Saturday deliveries.

Does it hurt to ship them?

When shipped, the butterflies are kept cool in the dark box. They naturally become very inactive and calm. They are cold blooded. They flutter and move quickly in the heat and sun and very sluggish in the cold.

What are proper conditions for release?

For your butterflies to take flight, the temperature should be approximately 65 degrees or higher, and at least thirty minutes to one hour before dark. A bright sunny day is optimal. They do not fly at night or in inclement weather. Directions will be included with your order.

What guarantee do I have?

10% extra are shipped in every order. This will usually give you more butterflies than ordered.

What happens to the butterfly after it is released?

Your butterflies will live out their normal lifespans--a few weeks--searching for flowers, drinking nectar, finding mates, and searching for plants to lay their eggs. Ultimately, they will live to start the amazing process of metamorphosis again!

Sherri and daughter planting in one of our greenhouses.