Nature's Magic
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Founded in 1999, Nature's Magic, LLC is a family-owned and operated butterfly, flower, and fruit farm located outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. Its founder, “Miche” Collier, has had a passion and love for butterflies since she was a young girl. With love, generosity, hard work, and support from family and friends, a shared passion has turned into a magical family business!

The farm is located on three acres adjacent to the Mississippi River. Its facilities include a caterpillar lab, a flight house and greenhouses all dedicated to raising butterflies for educational purposes, growing fruit and vegetables and raising plants to provide sources of food and nectar. For every butterfly raised, we raise two plants to be devoured by a caterpillar. We don't use chemicals on our fruit and flowers: it would hurt the bugs and us!

What We Do...


We raise many species of butterflies and moths all indigenous to Louisiana: Monarchs, Queens, Painted Ladies, Black Swallowtails, Gulf Fritillaries and Giant Swallowtails, to name a few.

Educational Presentations: “Butterflies Are Insects Too!": $8/person

“Butterflies Are Insects Too!” is our interactive presentation. The presentation introduces the parts of a butterfly, their growth rate, age, life cycle, metamorphosis, defense mechanisms, climate, predators, ecology and environmental conservation, and the differences between butterflies and moths. Live eggs, caterpillars, pupae, and adult butterflies are used in the presentation.


We grow all of our flowers from seed as both host plants for caterpillar food and nectar-producing plants for butterfly food.


We have over 150 fruit trees: satsumas, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and more. Not only do these trees produce delicious fruit, but their leaves are used to feed giant swallowtail caterpillars.


We are a full-service, licensed, and insured horticulture and landscaping contractor. We build and maintain landscapes!