Nature's Magic
Butterfly Releases


The beauty and grace of butterflies bring both comfort and joy at the same time. Whether you’re celebrating a new baby, a joyous wedding, or remembering a loved one, butterflies are a wonderful way to celebrate life!

Depending on the location, butterflies can be released from March through October. Butterflies are packaged for release according to your preference: display cages, baskets, individual boxes, or mass release boxes. Butterflies can be released by one special person or by the entire group.Beautiful live butterflies from Nature’s Magic help create cherished memories. No matter the occasion, you will be amazed as you watch them fill the skies above you and gracefully fly to nearby flowers!

Release types are shown below: box, cage, individual triangle, and accordion.

Special Occasions:

Weddings & Anniversaries

Birthdays & Graduations

Births & Baptisms

Events & Grand Openings

Funerals & Memorials